About us

About us
Tarja Stephens and Janna Salokangas in Miami

Welcome to Metaverse Impact!

We are happy you are here! To get to know us more, you can read our letter from the editors here.

What we are

We are a media brand shining a light on women, companies, and projects that are building an Inclusive Metaverse.

Who we are

Metaverse Impact is a growing (and thriving) community of women-powered writers, creators, and builders who are here to discover the latest news, share stories and create meaningful experiences anchored around the Metaverse.

How we do it

Our impact-driven stories and experiences are shared through our events, content publications, partnerships, and Metaverse Impact Program.

We are laser-focused on creating informative but fun content that helps our audience gain knowledge, get connected, and involved in the Metaverse and Web3 space.

Take what you know and use it to innovate.

Metaverse for Good

Building a better world with the Metaverse

Our Impact

Our mission is to be the world frontier of using the Metaverse as a force good for the real world.

Taking what we feel is possible and making it doable in the Metaverse space.

Where we are located

Our future home will be in the Metaverse, but we have our team all across the globe in cities like Miami and Helsinki but chances are, we are where you are.

How you can connect with us

Here's how to reach us!

Who are our founders

Metaverse Impact was co-created by Tarja Stephens and Janna Salokangas, a women-powered duo who strives to do well by creating good.

Tarja Stephens and Janna Salokangas

You can also find our founders from many places:

Tarja Stephens on LinkedIn |  @tarjalstephens on Instagram | @tarjastephens on Twitter

Janna Salokangas on LinkedIn | @jannasalokangas on Instagram | @jannasalokangas on Twitter

Let's join the journey to explore the future of the internet, together!

See you in the Metaverse!