Metaverse for Women

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Transforming the next generation of women leaders of the Metaverse. Building the metaverse with diversity and equality. We are here to empower female representation and education in the Metaverse. Empowering enormous opportunities for women & underrepresented communities. Helping women to become industry frontiers of the metaverse. Future of work and careers in blockchain and gaming programmers to animators, designers, marketers, and accountants, recruiters, and lawyers

  Mar 26, 2022

Metaverse Impact Attends the SXSW 2022 hosted by FLUF World

Metaverse Inclusive Attends the SXSW 2022 by FLUF World...

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  Mar 13, 2022

Metaverse Impact team with Remarkable Women at SXSW 2022

Metaverse Impact co-founder Tarja Stephens serves as one of the women ambassadors for...

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  Feb 08, 2022

Why the Metaverse Needs to Be a Space for Diversity and Inclusion

When building the metaverse for real people, equality isn’t just another module....

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  Jan 28, 2022

Letter from the Editors of Metaverse Impact

by co-founders Tarja Stephens and Janna Salokangas...

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  Jan 11, 2022

Exploring Crypto and Web3 with Tech Storyteller Melissa Henderson

Many content creators know that Web 3.0 is highly important but don’t where to start. How about right here?...

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