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Make YOUR mark on the Metaverse! Now it is your time to take risks, explore, innovate, and jump all in! We have a new virtual home and it’s called the Metaverse. Metaverse platforms. General information about the metaverse. Latest news.

  Mar 07, 2022

Metaverse Impact attends the inaugural term of the metaverse academy at Realm Academy

Metaverse Inclusive attends the first cohort of the metaverse academy at Realm Academy...

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  Mar 07, 2022

Metaverse Impact co-founder Tarja Stephens driving the growth of the Miami XR community

Metaverse Inclusive part of the VRARA Miami Chapter launch in Miami...

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  Feb 19, 2022

Our Weekly Recap – Latest Metaverse Inclusive Updates from Feb 13 to Feb 19

Here is your weekly roundup of the latest news on building a more inclusive metaverse....

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  Feb 08, 2022

Why the Metaverse Needs to Be a Space for Diversity and Inclusion

When building the metaverse for real people, equality isn’t just another module....

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  Jan 30, 2022

Power of the Metaverse: Using Virtual Worlds to Make Our Real World Better

How the metaverse can be a way to transform our real world to benefit our planet, people, and communities...

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  Jan 28, 2022

Letter from the Editors of Metaverse Impact

by co-founders Tarja Stephens and Janna Salokangas...

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  Jan 18, 2022

The Metaverse Is Already Here. But What Exactly Is It, and Why Does It Matter?

The metaverse is the talk of the town these days as it unlocks plenty of opportunities inside a digital world. Here’s what you need to know....

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  Jan 14, 2022

NFTs Explained: What You Need to Know About NFTs as a Beginner

Whether you're an artist or a business owner, now is the time to explore NFTs and leverage Web 3 to boost your business. Here's what you need to know as a beginner....

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  Jan 11, 2022

Exploring Crypto and Web3 with Tech Storyteller Melissa Henderson

Many content creators know that Web 3.0 is highly important but don’t where to start. How about right here?...

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